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Are you Thankful and Giving?

Friends, Foes, Smurfs, Umpa Lumpas, Aliens, Everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful, delightful, tasteful, and inspirational amazingly beautiful Thanksgiving. I had a memorable time with friends and family. Thanksgiving is truly a time of not just Thanking God for... Continue Reading →

How Mad are You? Mission Black Friday Shopping.

Yes Folks. I went Black Friday shopping. Don't ask why. But instead Why NOT? Honestly, I think it was a case of Affluenza! Were the deal's worth it? Yes, No, Maybe. The picture you see above is of a sweater... Continue Reading →

What are you sad for? HOPE

What are you sad for? It's another Keep on some more For remember....This too shall pass HOPE is a tiring thing...for I continue to long for it as I don't know what it will bring  It shines light onto... Continue Reading →

Dear Ellen DeGeneres!

A Poem from my heart to yours: Ellen DeGeneres Ellen...Ellen...Ellen... It's not about the gifts or that you make some dreams come true, but rather it's the chance to meet the unique you. It's not the glamour that makes you hotter... Continue Reading →

Me…Myself… and I.

Love & Believe in THYSELF! Guess who's my superhero? How many times have you listened to these words: No. You can't do it. Not possible. I tell you today. Throw their advice into the trash and Belive and DO the opposite. ... Continue Reading →

God Help Us. God Help America. God Help the World.

Congratulations fellow Americans who voted for Mr. Trump! You have once again shown the world that: Martin Luther King's efforts have become a Dream yet once again. The Civil Rights movement has gone in vain.  Malala's fight for education has... Continue Reading →

I BELIEVE — In response to my Poem “I APOLOGIZE”— Aired on PBS NewsHour

This post is in response to my poem "I APOLOGIZE" that was aired by PBS in June 2016.

Beware…if you are New

THANK YOU! Lovely mortals...aliens...species...smurfs...and comic characters that have helped my blog reach 200 followers. I promise to post more captivating, non compos mentis, comical,  ludicrous, tear-jerker posts. 🙂 If you're already hypnotized into my world...I'd really appreciate if you could please... Continue Reading →

Come out of La-La Land please.

I don't ever want to grow up. Stop and take a look at the world. Do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, as others do? Everything exists around us. It has always been there. We chose to accept what only... Continue Reading →

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