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Innovative Wednesdays

No…Sorry…Good Luck Elsewhere… It’s just an opinion. AGENTS- Please don’t be afraid to represent my work after reading this blog.

Yet, I took another step toward my goals, even though failure stood by the entrance to greet me, while I continue to search for that one door of hope to transform my dreams into a reality! Denial after Denial.  No...Sorry...Good Luck Elsewhere...Thanks... Continue Reading →

What are you sad for? HOPE

What are you sad for? It's another Keep on some more For remember....This too shall pass HOPE is a tiring thing...for I continue to long for it as I don't know what it will bring  It shines light onto... Continue Reading →

God Help Us. God Help America. God Help the World.

Congratulations fellow Americans who voted for Mr. Trump! You have once again shown the world that: Martin Luther King's efforts have become a Dream yet once again. The Civil Rights movement has gone in vain.  Malala's fight for education has... Continue Reading →

Come out of La-La Land please.

I don't ever want to grow up. Stop and take a look at the world. Do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, as others do? Everything exists around us. It has always been there. We chose to accept what only... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

Everything lies in the eye of the beholder You's not necessary that we both agree For what you see...may be different than what I observe it to be You may like long hair that flows effortlessly...while I prefer short hair... Continue Reading →


"A little madness is good.  For it will take you places a sane mind wouldn't ever dare think of exploring."                                        ... Continue Reading →

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