I don’t ever want to grow up.

Stop and take a look at the world. Do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, as others do?

Everything exists around us. It has always been there. We chose to accept what only benefits us and filter the rest…out of sight and out of mind.

What a shame!

Do you see what they see?

The unrecognizable dirt covered face that has been so harshly affected by poverty.  

Do you hear what they hear?

The agonizing cry that has been muted by the hateful atmosphere. 

Do you feel what they feel?

The unbearable hunger pains that twist the stomach like a ferocious eel.

Do you taste what they taste?

The unsightly food taken from garbage that has been transformed from solid to paste.

Do you smell what they smell?

The stench of destitution from war that has tangled them is no less than a witches spell. 

Do you remember as they remember?

The homelessness that had subconsciously been erased become an ever haunting reality for another.

Do you wonder as they wonder?

The tables could turn. The sun that shines on you now could transform into thunder.

Do you hope as they hope?

The things you take for granted are cherished by others, even if it’s just water and  soap.

Do you help as they help?

The stinginess that has made the hearts cold can melt if one can do something heartfelt.

That’s the reason I never want to grow up. When I think like a child…I use my heart instead of a self-centered mind!

So, do you want to grow up?

Please share this poem with others. Maybe…just maybe…it’ll melt the iced hearts that have frozen due to the self-centered society that envelopes them.
It’s not hard folks. Pause the rat race and think for a second. We continuously purchase stuff that most of the time is not needed, just to satisfy our materialistic never-ending thirst.

You don’t have to become a millionaire to give charity. All it takes is a big heart.

I encourage you to choose a different charity every month and donate an amount that you would ordinarily spend on a meal or an unnecessary materialistic item.

Have a better idea? Go for it! The world needs people like you.

My heart aches when I see people around the globe who are drowning in their own puddle of misery.  

How do you give charity?