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Inspirational Tuesdays

What? Halloween?

Halloween 2016 was interesting! I've seen everything this year...and I mean practically everything...the costume I thought was the best... From CUTE...                       to SCARY...            ... Continue Reading →

What a LEG!

Hope this blog finds you in the best of health and spirits. This post isn't to shake a leg at a party...OR my leg or as a matter of fact any other body part.   Hold onto your seats.... This... Continue Reading →

I Hate My Neighbors Job

Times were awfully hard. I had just now reunited with my job after a year long of desperation. Although it wasn't the job I had hoped for, it was helpful in paying some of my bills. As I cleaned the counter and... Continue Reading →

Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes I gaze at her and smile, wander reflects through her eyes as she blinks curiously,  she whimpers as I hold her close I chase after her, her eyes widen as she blinks cheerfully, she giggles as I... Continue Reading →

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