Halloween 2016 was interesting!

I’ve seen everything this year…and I mean practically everything…the costume I thought was the best…

From CUTE…                       to SCARY…                   to WHAT THE #!!#…

Disney Princess (my heart melted)


Sun and Moon (sigh…don’t ask)


Popcorn (yes…I’m thinking the same thing you are)




Bumblebee (cuteness overload)


Clowns (my heart skipped a beat)


Donald Trump  (now that’s scarey…cause it won’t go away after Halloweens over)


Harry Potter

Suicide Squad (soo over this! Copycats wearing these costumes everywhere)


SO…you get the picture…don’t you?

I was walking down Publix Grocery store when I came across a costume that in My opinion was WONDERFUL. 

Most people dressed up as either something horrifying or something really cute (at least they thought they were looking cute).

Well, I applaud the employee at Publix. She dressed up as a Fire Fighter. 🙂 

What is more horrifying then running inside a blaze that is about to destroy everything and anything that comes in its path. Now, that my friend, requires courage and humanity!

It was a nice gesture from her to keep remembering the amazing Firefighters.

I wrote an article honoring these heroes called “What do firefighters do anyways”.

Hope each and everyone had a safe Halloween!

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