ALL THEY DO IS EAT DONUTS( wait – isn’t that what police officers do)…PLAY CHESS…AND PRACTICE SLIDING DOWN A POLE

AND Oh Yeah Don’t Forget they ALSO…


Leave their families behind!

Save your life…your loved ones…your assets…and perhaps the whole neighborhood!

So the next time you’re assuming they are doing nothing…Think Again!

Not only do I…but YOU should also respect Firefighters…here’s telling you why…

It was the usual afternoon, besides the sound of thunder playing throughout the sky every few minutes.  I had finished dinner early that day and the sun had almost set. As routine, I made a cup of tea and sat in my room switching the channel for something entertaining to watch.

The thundering continued and water poured exhaustingly. A combination of ear haunting sounds of thunder echoed past my window. I backed off at the sight of lightning dancing to the tune of thunder. I glanced at the images of mythology figures that were displayed on the screen.

It wasn’t completely dark as the clouds were scattered throughout, but it didn’t seem the norm either.

A few minutes later, a sharp roaring sound came from above. For a second, it felt like Zeus had come out of the t.v. and struck the sky  with his thunderbolt.  I quickly turned the t.v. off. Scared out of my wits, my heart skipped a beat. I was certain that lighting had sparked nearby.

My curiosity doubled as I heard something fall onto the roof. As the pounding noise continued to increase, I wondered what type of animal had sneaked into the attic, to get away from the frightening weather.

I walked up the stairs cautiously and waited for another clue. And then at once, the noise increased and a pitch black smoke glided out of the air vent near the attic. My eyes followed the pattern caused by the smoke and at once my heart began to beat faster.

I trembled as I ran down the stairs and opened the front door . Fearfully, I went outside. My eyes widened at the frightening sight. The roof was on fire! Thunder slapped the sky, as the bolt of lightning ignited my home.

I ran back inside and called 911 and then opened the garage door and went outside.

Instantly, I remembered something, so I jolted back inside, grabbed a briefcase that had my identity and other paperwork before heading back out. (I know, I shouldn’t have gone back inside)

While I waited, one of my neighbors (Mr. Winston) came running when he saw what had happened and without hesitating he asked for my car keys. I pointed at the garage door. He grabbed the car keys and instantly pulled the car out of the garage and parked it at the other side.

I am forever grateful to Mr. Winston for his act of kindness and courageous effort in my difficult time. He then stood there and waited until the fire truck had turned into our neighborhood. He left soon after his wife came out of their house, as they were headed to their daughters graduation ceremony.

As soon as the fire truck made its way to my home, a couple of men and one woman covered in full bodysuit ran around the house. The noise from their boots could be heard from afar. A long hose was carried and placed above the raging fire. Water came gushing out and splashed onto the roof. After about a half an hour of continuous war between the blazing fire and the fearless water, the flames finally surrendered to the persistent flow of aqua.

The rain had decreased by now, yet it continued to sprinkle. As the tender rain caressed my arms, I stared at the house, that was now covered in smoke residue. One by one, the neighbors had ventured out of their homes. Surprisingly this incident had brought the unacknowledged neighborhood together. Some offered me a chair to sit, some offered a drink, and some just chit chatted while they waited for the firefighters to wrap up.

I am thankful that the fire was put out before any more damage was done, or worse, before anyone got hurt, or even worse before anyone lost their life.

I recall the haunted incident as though it had occurred yesterday. There are four things that refuse to leave my memory:

  • The pitch dark Smoke that ventured out the vent
  • The smell of the smoke that had enveloped my home afterwards
  • The commendable response from firefighters
  • Mr. Winston’s courageous act combined with his kind words. Unfortunately, he died 8 months later due to a heart attack. (May you Rest In Peace)

What I learned that day was a reminder of what “Ellen DeGeneres” has always portrayed through her showsto always speak kindly, help generously, and forgive easily, as you never know which moment may be your last, and that is how you shall be remembered for eternity. For indeed that is how I remember Mr. Winston till this day.

***I encourage you to donate to the local fire department. They risk their lives daily…so you, your families, and your assets, can be safe and sound!***

***I also encourage you to donate to a Widow’s and Children’s Fund/Club. I believe these clubs are a place where one can learn to love, live, accept life, and look beyond being a widow.***

I’m sure with a paycheck that’s laughable…the pay is definitely not the reason why some risk their lives by joining the applaudable team of firefighters. They join because they have empathy for others.

Their continuous service to the communities and humankind is something that most of us take for granted!

I SALUTE firefighters, police officers, paramedics, doctors, nurses and all the amazing people who make this world a safer and better place.

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