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The Chronicles of NailTopia -Week 5 & 6

  Pursue my dreams - Week 5 & 6 Drum Roll! Four new females (Ms. Oriental, Ms. Diva, Ms. Temple, Ms. Worried) join the nail class. Welcome to the world of nails, a pathway that leads to drama, gossip, life... Continue Reading →

The Chronicles of NailTopia – Week 1

Pursue My Dreams - Week 1 Hello! All you wonderful humans, aliens, mortals and immortals out there! Thanks for stopping by. For sometime now...probably since I was a teenager...or maybe younger....I wanted to go to a Beauty School....where I would... Continue Reading →

Dear Ellen DeGeneres!

A Poem from my heart to yours: Ellen DeGeneres Ellen...Ellen...Ellen... It's not about the gifts or that you make some dreams come true, but rather it's the chance to meet the unique you. It's not the glamour that makes you hotter... Continue Reading →

Me…Myself… and I.

Love & Believe in THYSELF! Guess who's my superhero? How many times have you listened to these words: No. You can't do it. Not possible. I tell you today. Throw their advice into the trash and Belive and DO the opposite. ... Continue Reading →

Beware…if you are New

THANK YOU! Lovely mortals...aliens...species...smurfs...and comic characters that have helped my blog reach 200 followers. I promise to post more captivating, non compos mentis, comical,  ludicrous, tear-jerker posts. 🙂 If you're already hypnotized into my world...I'd really appreciate if you could please... Continue Reading →

Come out of La-La Land please.

I don't ever want to grow up. Stop and take a look at the world. Do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, as others do? Everything exists around us. It has always been there. We chose to accept what only... Continue Reading →

Ruby and the Beanstalk

This is great! I'm climbing a beanstalk and stealing a goose that'll lay golden eggs for me the rest of my life. And then Reality hits! I'm standing in my kitchen (not a giant's glorified castle)...and cooking green beans. Since, neither you... Continue Reading →

Dear Monday…

I know today is Motivational Monday.... ....(sigh)...but I'm feeling like a floating jellyfish today....the image below says it all... Pushing past that.... On the bright side.... I want to THANK Noelle Granger for posting about me on her blog. N.A.... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

Everything lies in the eye of the beholder You's not necessary that we both agree For what you see...may be different than what I observe it to be You may like long hair that flows effortlessly...while I prefer short hair... Continue Reading →

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