Pursue my dreams – Week 5 & 6

Drum Roll! Four new females (Ms. Oriental, Ms. Diva, Ms. Temple, Ms. Worried) join the nail class. Welcome to the world of nails, a pathway that leads to drama, gossip, life lessons, annoying colleagues, cheapskates, alarming situations.  

Ms. Oriental – well, has Asian features, middle age, seems like a responsible person.  

Ms. Diva – hardly smiles, similar to Ms. Snob, tall, and carries herself like a noblewoman, in her late twenties.

Ms. Temple – young and cute, has hair like Shirley Temple. 

Ms. Worried – young, baby face, has hazel eyes. Seems always tensed and worried.


Ms. Teacher – We have three new girls. Everyone welcome them.

Me – Ruby (I smile and smirk)

Ms. Twilight mumbles her name. 

Ms. High giggles and lifts her arm – Hey. 

Ms. Snob glances at them and doesn’t say a word. (as expected)

Ms. Pokemon half smiles. 

Ms. Mysterious waves and states her name. (That’s a first, she finally talks)

Week 5 started of slow, but ended on a busy note as the drama unfolded throughout the end of week 6. 

Ms. High pulls out her makeup bag and starts painting her face. 

Ms. Teacher – Ms. America what are you doing now?

The class chuckles. Ms. High is now officially Ms. America!

Ms. America – Miss, I just want to put on some makeup. (She states in a whining tone.)

Ms. Teacher – well, do it before you get to class (She spats back in the same tone…class bursts out laughing)

Ms. America – please, I just want to put on eye-liner. (She points at her eyes. It was hard not laughing, as she only had one eye complete)

Ms. Teacher rolls her eyes and mumbles something.

Ms. America quickly lines her naked eye and plays with her bright red hair as she puts away her makeup bag up. 

Ms. Oriental turns to me and whispers – she gets away with all sorts of stuff. (I smile.)

By the end of the week, not only was Ms. High getting on the teachers nerve, but also Ms. Orientals and Ms. Temples.

Me – You get your bright red hair done in a salon?

Ms. America – no. I did  it myself.

Ms. Temple – you look like Scooby Doo. (class laughs)

Me – and you remind me of Shirley Temple. (class laughs again)

Ms. America continues to giggle as she takes a sip of her coffee and mumbles something to Ms. Worried. 

Ms. Snob quietly walks in. Ms. High gives her a high-five. (The class caught on that she was graduating)

Me – congrats, what’s your next plan. 

Ms. Snob – thanks, I’m moving on to the cosmetology program. 


This weeks twist – Ms. Twilight’s and Ms. Snob’s last day.

Ms. Twilight seems anxious. Although, she had a lot going on in her personal life, she accomplished getting her full specialist license.  

Ms. Snob was calm and not interested in anyone else except her, as usual. 

HIP HIP HOORAY! Ms. TWILIGHT! and Ms. SNOB! May the spa business envelope you with endless opportunists. 


Ms. America slabs on foundation and glides on burgundy lipstick as Ms. Teacher walks in.

Ms. Teacher lets out a heavy sigh – better put that away Ms. America.

An hour into the class Ms. Teacher yells – break time. Be back in 15 minutes!

Surely but steadily as the 15 minutes end, we all race inside one after another.

19 minutes after Ms. Worried walks in with tears and seats herself. Ms. America follows a minute afterwards.  

Ms. Teacher – You’re both late.

Ms. Worried looks down and doesn’t say a word. 

Ms. America rolls her eyes – it was only a few minutes. (She continues to ramble something to Ms. Worried)

Ms. Teacher – pull out your notebook and stop talking to Ms. Worried.

Ms. America – I’m tired today. Please not today Miss. (wrong attitude girl)

Ms.  Teacher – well, I’m tired of this attitude.

Ms. America raises her voice – what attitude. I was just helping Ms. Worried. Her grandma left her without a car! and won’t drop her here. She was crying so I was talking to her.

Ms. Teacher – you can go to the front office. 

Ms. America – Fine! What the f*** (she storms out of the class)

Ms. Worried dives her nose into her book. 

Ms. Oriental whispers to me – How ghetto.

Ms. Diva smirks and  Ms. Temple sighs and act like they don’t give a damn. 

Few minutes later the owner walks in and whispers to Ms. Teacher and then Ms. America walks in quietly and seats her self. 

Client walks in and Ms. Teacher yells – You. Ms. Know it All! (This is the fourth name this gal has gotten from the class…

…1st Ms. High…2nd Ms. America…3rd Scooby Doo…4th Ms. Know it all) you’re getting this client.

Ms. America gets up and sighs heavily as she gets up and attends the client.