Pursue My Dreams – Week 3 & Week 4




First and foremost – I know you want to be the one receiving the service in that portrait above…well then…time to wake up…and get back to reality! 

The day begins with the usual greetings of the new year. Twilight walks in. Her hair is long now (She reminds me of Jasmine from Aladdin).

Ms. Twilight – She’s good at being in the ears.

Ms. Teacher – What happened?

Ms. Twilight – My mother n law is poisoning my boyfriends mind. Can’t wait to move to Vegas in the Spring.

Ms. Baby face has been given a new name for the New Year, since she reminds me of these characters…hereafter…she is Ms. Pokemon. (Don’t start singing the Pokemon theme song…please!)

Ms. Snob and Ms. Pokemon glance at them and then continue to work on their nail designs and workbook.

Ms. Twilight – Want to go to Club Daddy.

Ms. Teacher – What’s that?

Ms. Snitch chuckles. 

Ms. Twilight – Place to go to find a new Daddy.

Ms. Snitch – I need one for my kid also, I’ll come with you. 

Ms. Snob rolls her eye and continues with her workbook. Ms. Pokemon looks confused. 

Client walks in and Ms. Teacher hands me the ticket. Little did I know, that this client was about to talk my ear off!

The usual greetings transforms into life lessons within a few minutes into the nail service.

Client – Men want women to look perfect. They want Kim Kardashian when they themselves look like Santa Clause!

My mind plays out the image of Kim Kardashian dating Santa Clause (okay….chuckle)

Client – There’s a guy trying to date me for the past 6 months and I refuse. 

Me – Really? A years a long time.

Client – Yeah. But no. The first time I met him he stated that he liked younger women.

Me – Ouch.

Client – Well, I spat back that I like taller men – He was only 5′ 2″. So what if I’m 47, at-least I’m not short!

My mouth drops! and continue the nail service.

Client – I met another guy last month.

(Lady please…as if I got nothing better to do but listen to the list of men you dated in the past year!)

Client – This guy lied to me about his name, age, and occupation.

(Okay…this is getting interesting)

Client continues – The only thing he told the truth about I guess is that he was a cop from Trinidad. 

Me – How’d you figure out he lied?

Client – Went to restaurant for dinner. After dinner, he handed me his card to pay and went outside to smoke. I glanced at the card and he had a different name.

Me – OMG

Client – I paid for dinner with his card and handed it back to him like I hadn’t seen a thing. When I got home later that night, I searched his name on google, and sure enough found out enough about him. That was our last night out!

Me – Knowing me, if I was in that situation,  I would have asked him on the spot. 

Client – No. I took a deep Breath, and stayed calm, trying not to show it on my face. I looked up his relatives that were listed as his allies… all crooks!

Me – So, what did you find out about him.

Client – Oh. (She smirks) You don’t want to know.

Me – Trust me I want to know.

Client – He is a retired cop from Trinidad, went to jail for domestic violence, shot a young kid in self defense – became depressed and an alcoholic. 

My jaw dropped again. 

Me – The last part is quite sad. There should be therapy and benefits provided to cops, since they are at risk constantly,  while looking after the safety of others. 

Client – yeah. But everything else, was too much for me to handle. 

The nail service finally ended. 1 hour later, I had come to know more than I wanted to!

I thank her for coming and walk her out. (She didn’t tip me…but I guess I did learn something valuable.)

Client – Remember something always. NEVER LET A MAN BE-LITTLE YOU. TELL HIM…TAKE WHAT YOU SEE OR LEAVE! (The best advice I have ever gotten)

This week, I learned not only  life lessons, but also how to complete a full set of French Arcylics and Silk nails. (Whomever thought of fake nails…Cha-Ching!)

Never be without KNOWLEDGE….So here it is…..According to  GOOGLE…..

During the Mind Dynasty of China, noblewomen wore very long artificial nails as a status symbol and to avoid work. (okay…must’ve been nice)

During the 19th century in Greece, upper-class women (of course…always the upper-class…hmm…no further comments) wore empty pistachio shells.

In 1954, dentist Fred Slack, broke his fingernail at work, and created an artificial nail as a temporary replacement. After experiments, he patented a successful version and started the company. (Well then….entrepreneur)

In the late 20th century, artificial nails for women became widely popular all over the world. (Finally, working women, not just lazy ***)

My next client was silent and remained so until the service was completed. My colleagues however, did get some clients that shared their stories, comments, and life lesson.

(As if, we really want to know what’s going on in their life. Somehow, I feel we are transformed into therapist during these clientele nail sessions.)

Ms. Snitch – Good bye yall! I’m outa here. My last day.

Ms. Teacher – you behave now.

Ms. Snitch shows off her Nail certificate and twerks a little before heading out the doors! (Ah…okay…not at all interested in your twerks!) Some laugh, others smirk, and one rolls her eyes. (I’m sure you’ve figured out who that was)


HIP HIP HOORAY! Ms. Snitch for achieving your goal. (Just don’t twerk when you’re at an interview!)











Ms. Momma-