What sparks inside of you?

Have you achieved your 2016 resolutions?      NO?      Toss Them!

The world awaits you! Toss the old resolutions and focus on the new ones.

This time however, conquer your resolutions! 

Have you heard the saying – “Hardly anything is achieved with just wishful thinking”

Stick to your goals and make them happen!

May everyone have a successful and peaceful New Year filled with Inspiration, Motivation, Innovation, and Collaboration. 

What sparks inside of me?

My inner courage that fuels my inspiration, to knock on the door of hope, even if failure is the first one to greet me upon my arrival continuously.

My inner positivity that empowers my motivation, to find the rose, even if the path has been enveloped by thorns calculatingly.   

My inner curiosity  that radiates my innovation, to search for the rainbow, even if the thunderstorm roars ferociously.

My inner charisma that fascinates my collaboration, to explore the world, even if I fall on mother earth repeatedly. 

What sparks inside of you?

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

My New Years Resolution: Try my best at life this year filled with a positive and goal oriented attitude and then leave the rest to GOD!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the wonderful people out there! May the New Year bring you Success, Happiness, Health, and Peace.