What are you sad for?

It’s another day…smile

Keep on going….smile some more

For remember….This too shall pass

HOPE is a tiring thing…for I continue to long for it as I don’t know what it will bring 

It shines light onto the darkness…that creeps in often from others who are heartless

It gives me the push I need…to take another step into the frightening day that awaits me indeed

It guides me through the path…that has been enveloped in rocks after the wrath

It shows me the trick…to rescue the roses out of the thorns before my finger gets a prick

It makes me eager for the next day….for sure the new sunrise will bring me out of this dismay

The day I had refused to give it another try I had learnt that hope had stood in front of my door for merely a glimpse of my eye

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Stay Positive Always – You know why? Trust me. It’s Contagious!