A Poem from my heart to yours: Ellen DeGeneres


It’s not about the gifts or that you make some dreams come true, but rather it’s the chance to meet the unique you.

It’s not the glamour that makes you hotter than the flu, but rather the art of being kind that makes me want to be just like you

It’s not the celebrities that grace your show that melts me like glue, but rather the love of giving that shines through

It’s not the crazy fans that create a hullabaloo, but rather your sense of humor that makes me want to jump around like a kangaroo

It’s not the intensity of your eyes that are a brilliant blue, but rather the spark of your smile that makes me sing yabadabado

You see, In this world there are only a genuine few, and you shall be remembered for eternity as the one with a heart that embraced the world’s view

What am I going to say next…I haven’t a clue, so yeah…thanks for being you…and I love you!


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