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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Back to Reality…

Hello! All you wonderful humans, aliens, mortals and immortals out there! I hope my blog finds you in the best of health and spirits! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thanks for stopping by. Finally...out of Hibernation and back to reality. It was great taking... Continue Reading →

Does 2017 spark inside of you?

What sparks inside of you? Have you achieved your 2016 resolutions?      NO?      Toss Them! The world awaits you! Toss the old resolutions and focus on the new ones. This time however, conquer your resolutions!  Have you... Continue Reading →

What are you sad for? HOPE

What are you sad for? It's another Keep on some more For remember....This too shall pass HOPE is a tiring thing...for I continue to long for it as I don't know what it will bring  It shines light onto... Continue Reading →

Come out of La-La Land please.

I don't ever want to grow up. Stop and take a look at the world. Do you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, as others do? Everything exists around us. It has always been there. We chose to accept what only... Continue Reading →

Dear Monday…

I know today is Motivational Monday.... ....(sigh)...but I'm feeling like a floating jellyfish today....the image below says it all... Pushing past that.... On the bright side.... I want to THANK Noelle Granger for posting about me on her blog. N.A.... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

Everything lies in the eye of the beholder You's not necessary that we both agree For what you see...may be different than what I observe it to be You may like long hair that flows effortlessly...while I prefer short hair... Continue Reading →

A life not lived for the betterment of others... in my opinion ... a life wasted.

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