Pursue My Dreams – Week 2

Hello Wonderful Readers from around the Globe. Thanks for stopping by.

If nothing else, I hope you’ll find a spark of motivation or a pinch of inspiration to help you go out and conquer your dreams.

This week the Cosmetology School was just as amazing, intriguing, and surprising as the first week.


Ms. Pregnant walks in holding the right side of her face. She puts her head down and tells Ms. Teacher that she has a toothache. She doesn’t do anything the rest of the day.

Ms. Teacher mumbles- This is ridiculous!

Ms. Snitch- Get the root canal done in Mexico, it’s cheaper.

Ms. Babyface enters. Her shoes light up to every step she takes (what is she 5?)

Me- Where did you get those shoes?

Ms. Babyface- Mom bought it for me (every question you ask this girl…she says her mom got it or her mom knows….must be nice to be pampered by momma)

Ms. Snob enters, half smiles, and then sits down right across from me- it’s hot, can we turn down the temperature? She pulls her compact out and powders her face (Yay! Brownie Points….Cover girl makeup)

Ms. Brat slams the door behind and sighs heavily toward her seat. Teacher gives her a stare-down. 

Ms. Brat- that 40 year old dude from the barber class fuc**** touched me!

All of us pause and stare at her to continue.

Ms. Teacher- what? when?

Ms. Brat- Just now. That grandpa trying to be slick. He better not touch me again.

Someone sings in the hallway…and peeps into our classroom. 

Ms. Brat rolls her eyes- that’s him 

Teacher leaves the room and comes back after few minutes- he was just giving a friendly pat on your shoulder. (yeah right!)

Ms. Brat- hate this school! it’s more like a salon. (not exactly sure what she meant by that)

Ms. Momma walks in late. Teacher nods and she gives us all the ‘hello from the other side of the world’ look. 

Ms. Twilight drags her feet toward her seat. She has a cool leather jean jacket on.  

An hour later 2 Clients come in for Acrylics. Since I don’t know how to do Acrylic nails yet, Ms. Brat and Ms. Snob were given those clients. 

Teacher walks out of the classroom for few minutes. The Clients observe the classroom and half smile as they  listen in on the conversations. 

Ms. Twilight- Had to bite my tongue last time, avoid this class as much as I can, love the skin class though.

Ms. Snitch- Yeah man. (Eye-roll)

Ms. Twilight: Boyfriend spying my Instagram! He packed and left cause he saw me talk to my ex. 

Ms. Momma- That’s just an excuse. He wanted to leave. 

Ms. Twilight- Guess so. He crazy.

Ms. Snitch- He Jealous.

Ms. Twilight: I think my Mother-N-Law trying some Black Magic on me. (now that’s some scary shit!)

Ms. Momma- Life’s too short. Enjoy and do something for yourself. (She’s got that right!)

Ms. Snitch- Moms watching kids for the weekend and cant figure out what to do.

Ms. Momma- Hold hands. Kiss your man.

Ms. Snitch- That’s boring and besides he’s ugly. (oh No she didn’t just say that. Did she look at herself? Seriously)

Ms. Twilight- You got 2 kids with that ugly guy.

Ms. Snitch- Whatever. He just “Pappi Chuppo”. (New word learned)

Me- What the heck does that mean?

Ms. SnitchBoy Toy. (The nerve of this lady)

Ms. Momma- Thats mean.

Teacher walks in with a Client. I got to work on my first Manicure (Drum-roll)

Nervous, yet confident I greet my Client with a warm smile and escort her to the seat in front of me.  Skinny, pale, short hair with bangs, black eyed female, red lips, replies with a smile.

Me- Hi, how are you? What color would you like today. (my mind plays tricks on me…she reminds me of someone)

Her- Fine. Something sparkly for the holidays. 

Me- Okay. (I show her some colors and she chooses a glittery pink nail color)

Her- What’s your name.

Me- Ruby and yours? (slightly observing her familiar squarish face)

Her- Annie….visiting from N.Y. (Her Buck teeth seem to widen as she smiles)

Me- Wow, the Big Apple huh? 

Annie- Yep

Me- Why do you look familiar? (there…I asked her!)

Annie- Oh. You probably saw me on t.v. I’m an actress. 

Me- Really? (Trying not to act excited) Maybe that’s where I  saw you?

Annie- yeah. I work for shows like Blue Blood and (forgot what other show she had mentioned)

Me- That’s cool. (Totally gonna look her up when I get home)

After cleaning, massaging her hand, and nail polishing, the Manicure finally came to and end. 

Me- Well, it was nice meeting you. Come back for a Pedicure.

Annie- Sure. I will. (Gives me a $5 tip!)


When I get home, the first thing I do is look her up. Couldn’t’ find her. Well, whether she fibbed or not…I don’t know. She seemed like a pretty honest person…but then again…looks can be deceiving!

FYI: The featured pic above has been at the school since the 80s. I thought it was pretty cool.  

The Next Day:

It’s a little chilly outside. 10 minutes to 9 am before the drama unfolds. Ms. Snitch shows me the back door entrance. 

9 am sharp one by one the students enter the classroom. Some drag their feet and others speed on. Teacher enters. Looks at the clock and then us and states “Good Morning”.

Good Mor..nnn…iii..nn..ggg….the students stretch it out as far as possible. 


Ms. Pregnant- Tooth still aches. Not going through the root canal again for the same tooth, asked them to pull it out. (ouch! poor girl…root canals are painful)

Ms. Teacher- Why’d you come in?

Ms. Pregnant- Got to get my hours in. I graduate tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Ms. Snitch- Good for you. I still got another week.

Ms. Momma- Got 2 more weeks and then I’m out of here.

Me- Where you going?

Ms. Momma- moving to Melbourne beach (good for her!).

Ms. High walks in. OMG! She dyed her hair a bright purple/pink.

Ms. Snitch- now that’s bright.

Ms. Momma- what’d you do?

Ms. High- something different.

Me- yeah, we can totally see the difference.

Teacher points at the clock and says “your late”.

Ms. High- I know. I already informed the front office.

Client enters. Teacher takes the ticket in from her and walks toward the rest of us. The girls hold their breath, literally, the anticipation of whom will have to attend to the client raises. The teacher sticks the ticket in front of me. The other girls breathe!

Wow! My first Pedicure! (little did I know…but my excitement will soon change)

Me- Hi Mrs… (I look at the ticket and continue with her name)

Client sits in the seat while I go prepare.

Me- Should I open up my Rasp or just use the one that’s open?

Ms. Snitch- you can use mine since it’s disinfected and ready.

Me- Thanks

I turn to get everything else ready and hear Ms. Snitch whispering behind my back to Ms. Momma.

Ms. Snitch- she didn’t want to use her Rasp. (what the?)

I walk past Snitch.

Me- You sure. I can use mine. It’ll only take me a few extra minutes to prepare

Ms. Snitch- no it’s ok. (what the heck you complaining about then?)

Ms. Momma smiles. 

The process of beautifying the clients feet begins:

  • Fill bucket with warm water and immerse feet into water
  • Wear a surgical mask to cover my nose and mouth (I’m not about to smell feet!)
  • Pull her left foot out and remove nail polish, cut her toenails, remove cuticles, file, and place her foot back into the water
  • Pull her right foot out and do the same
  • Hold her left foot up and use a Pedicure Rasp to scrub her heels (nasty crumbs of skin fly everywhere…good thing I have my mask on!)
  • Do the same with right foot
  • Wash her feet and place in warm towel. Start the massage (her legs were quite heavy) 
  • Want’s a French Pedicure so apply pink coat and then white on the tips 

Teacher observes from far and then walks up as soon as the Pedicure was finished.

Ms. Teacher- did you enjoy the Pedicure? the massage?

Client- Oh yeah! Felt like I was in Heaven.

Teacher nods and smiles. 

Client pays and hands me a tip before leaving. (A  whole 2 bucks!)

Teacher- you did a great job. You’d think she would tip you more.

Me- you’d think. (come one people! next time you get a pedicure done, tip a decent $$$, cause it takes a lot of work cleaning and massaging your big a** feet and legs!!!)

Ms. Teacher- cheap after her saying she was in Heaven and all.

Ms. Snitch- Miss the clients we get here are cheap.

Ms. Brat- some don’t care, at least she got a tip.

Another Client walks in. Teacher places ticket in front of Ms. Twilight.

Ms. Twilight- Forgot my supplies bag today.

Teacher- well that’s not good.

Ms. Twilight- got too much going on at home.

Teacher sighs and gives ticket to Ms. Brat.

Ms. Brat- you love my face don’t you Miss.

Everyone laughs. 

Ms. Twilight doesn’t come back from lunch until 2 hours later.

Ms. Teacher- I signed you out. You can leave.

Ms. Twilight- yeah I know. I’m leaving. Family emergency.

Ms. Snitch- what happened?

Ms. Twilight- my baby’s daddy took her out from daycare and left (oh no).

Ms. Momma- he just trying to trouble you now.

Ms. Snitch- you need to file a report against him.

Ms. Teacher- hope everything works out.


The next day begins with us students reading notes. Today is theory day and Ms. Teacher goes over the upcoming chapters. Last day before the holidays begin and only the three of us show up. Me, Ms. Brat, and Ms. Pregnant. 

In between the lessons the students chit chat. 

Ms. Brat- life ‘s stressful (oh please)

Ms. Momma- got kids?

Ms. Brat shakes her head no. 

Ms. Snitch- you don’t know what stress is then! 

A couple of hours later, a few clients come in and I get to do a Gel Manicure (drumroll – first gel manicure). While I conduct business the girls continue to ramble. My client lives nearby, but is planning to go to New York to visit her family. Ms. Teacher states she is going also to visit her son up north. 

After I cut her nails, clean the cuticles, and massage her hands, I start polishing. In the midst of it all another lady shows up, pulls her chair next to the client and starts chit chatting. Her accent was very obvious she was from Jamaica. Teacher joins the conversation also. 

Ms. Teacher- Going to cook. My daughter n law doesn’t cook and my sons like eating out most of the time. They wasting so much money.

Client- Well, I’ll be cooking too.

Jamaican lady-  And it’s expensive up north. These kids don’t know anything. When you coming to visit.

Client- after the holidays.


Ms. Teacher- They both like to eat out so much. You know he was a Chip and Dale Dancer. Girls be writing their phone #’s with lipsticks on his door. (Teacher shows us his pic—Good looking guy with big dark blue eyes)

Jamaican lady – well he better watch out before he got kids showing up everywhere (little did she know).

Ms. Teacher- those days are gone, but sure enough, we recently found out he has another daughter who’s 20 years old now.

All of us at once- “What?”

Ms. Teacher- yeah. He had an affair with her back in the 90’s and just now found out that he has another daughter

All of us once again- “How?”

Ms. Teacher- That lady looked my son up via Facebook (ah…the social media…world of possibilities)

Client- and then?

Ms. Teacher- My son got a DNA test and sure enough we welcomed this 20 year old to our Italian Family. (wow! yep the girl looked exactly like her dad)

Almost done polishing her nails. My heart beats faster.  A creepy looking, skinny, mid aged man,  not joking – looks like Dobby from Harry Potter. (sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings…but then again why should I apologize…unless you look like Dobby.) He walks in rapidly and kisses the client, and then the Jamaican lady, and then the Teacher. I almost jumped, I thought I would be his next target. Thankfully, he stopped his kissing spree right there and began chit chatting instead. They exchanged numbers, talked about the holiday plans, and kids.

Jamaican Lady- need to get my nails done also. (She looks at me and asks…she free?)

Ms. Teacher- she just finished a Client, so not until another hour. (Thank God!)

Jamaican Lady- when you here till? 

Me- I leave early today 

Ms. Teacher- someone else will get you

Couple of hours before the school closes, as expected 2 more clients walk in. Everyone’s trying to get their nails done last minute. 

An old lady (probably 90 or 100) greets the teacher and then seats herself in front of me. I begin her manicure. Ms. Brat begins acrylics on the other client. 

Ms. Brat- can’t wait for the gifts and food my mom’s gonna make.

Me- So what gift did you get your mom for Christmas?

Ms. Brat- I am the gift. (oh my my…what a spoiled brat)

Me- how lucky your mother must be.

Ms. Brat smirks- I’ll just do her nails for free.

Me- well you should, she’s paying for your class isn’t she (I laugh and she smiles)

Teacher and Client converse about life and who’s cooking what for the holidays. Half an hour later I completed her nails.

Client- she didn’t paint the top coat

Me- yes I did, you were busy talking to Ms. Teacher

Client- oh (she looks closely at her wavy big fingers)

Ms. Teacher- gotta watch these students. They try to get out of their duties. (lol..okay)

Ms. Pregnant- see ya’ll I’m out of here. 

Ms. Teacher- take care and bring the baby here once your free

Ms. Pregnant- I’m having a baby shower next month in our club house, I’ll invite you (she writes an address on a piece of paper and hands it to the teacher)

Ms. Teacher- sure. if I can’t come, I’ll at least get you a gift.

I look through my bag. I had picked up a few makeup items from Walgreens earlier today. I give Ms. Pregnant a Revlon lipstick and Ms. Brat a Mascara. They thank me for the gifts.

Ms. Teacher- that’s nice of you.

Me- I’m trying to teach Ms. Brat that holidays are all about giving.

Ms. Pregnant- I’ll invite you also (okay you barely know me…but okay…looks like the Revlon lipstick handed me a ticket to a baby shower)

I nod and take the invitation and place it inside my binder. Everyone gives Ms. Pregnant a hug and wishes her good luck. 

Ms. Brat- got to leave too. Aunt needs me at her salon, since it’s crazy packed before the holidays. 

Ms. Teacher- o.k.? (glances at me and then back at her)

Me- your aunt has her own salon?

Ms. Brat- yes. I work their sometimes. (she packs and heads out)

Me- I’d like to open up my salon one day. Perhaps with someone.

Ms. Teacher- Never do business with someone you know. It’s bound to fail. (Important Life Lesson Learned.)

Me- Really? 

Ms. Teacher- had three salons of mine in N.Y, before moving down south. Opened with my best friend. She became too friendly with a employee and began to listen to the employee rather than me. 

Me- Hmm.

Ms. Teacher- I asked for my share and left!

30 minutes to go and sure enough another client enters requesting a French Manicure and Pedicure. Teacher says she can have only one service done due to time constraint, unless I wanted to do both and stay longer.

Me- let’s see what I can get done.

Ms. Teacher- okay, up to you.

Client- please thank you.

I completed her French manicure in 20 minutes and she begs me to do her French Pedicure. (of all the things lady…French…takes much longer…however, I didn’t want to dishearten her since it was the holidays….so I ended up completing both!)