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The Chronicles of NailTopia -Week 5 & 6

  Pursue my dreams - Week 5 & 6 Drum Roll! Four new females (Ms. Oriental, Ms. Diva, Ms. Temple, Ms. Worried) join the nail class. Welcome to the world of nails, a pathway that leads to drama, gossip, life... Continue Reading →

The Chronicles of NailTopia -Week 2

Pursue My Dreams - Week 2 Hello Wonderful Readers from around the Globe. Thanks for stopping by. If nothing else, I hope you'll find a spark of motivation or a pinch of inspiration to help you go out and conquer... Continue Reading →

The Chronicles of NailTopia – Week 1

Pursue My Dreams - Week 1 Hello! All you wonderful humans, aliens, mortals and immortals out there! Thanks for stopping by. For sometime now...probably since I was a teenager...or maybe younger....I wanted to go to a Beauty School....where I would... Continue Reading →

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