Some say love never dies…does that really hold true?

Soul departs and cries…while by my side I’m only left with a genuine few

The shock anesthetize me like a pale pair of doll’s eyes…I lean on a friend before my legs fall through

Within seconds you’re somewhere in the skies…while I continue to wait until the clouds transform into a shade of dark blue

For sure, death was certain and should not be labeled a surprise…since the time and place was written before one started life anew

Yet, I repeatedly question your demise…knowing very well I won’t know why it had to be you

With tears in my eyes, my stomach fills with butterflies…whenever memories of you hauntingly come through

The ache never seems to die…for my heart still skips a beat and I continue to long for you

Though not soon enough but surely time will fly…I shall heal nonetheless but if only now I knew how to

Laughter, romance, and anger disperse with the opening of my eyes…yet my heart throbs at memories that were once realities between me and you

As time passed by, my tears have run dry…in the process I now have a much better world view

After death, we will surely rise…that day I shall once again unite with you

For those that are wise…know that it is the power of love that makes the world continue

I now believe love never dies…as a matter of fact…it is a miracle that holds true