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Dear Selfie Taker…

Dear Selfie taker, If you think you're looking cute....please stop for a second...and look around. The face you're making.... scaring the toddler that stands a few feet away making the grandma from across you shake her walking cane forcing the guy... Continue Reading →

Love Never Dies

Some say love never dies...does that really hold true? Soul departs and cries...while by my side I'm only left with a genuine few The shock anesthetize me like a pale pair of doll's eyes...I lean on a friend before my legs fall through... Continue Reading →

Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes I gaze at her and smile, wander reflects through her eyes as she blinks curiously,  she whimpers as I hold her close I chase after her, her eyes widen as she blinks cheerfully, she giggles as I... Continue Reading →


INDIGNITY Please stop insulting! When will we stop using a female as a bullet proof jacket in order to hide our own judgmental mindset? If she chooses to display her body, she must be indecent If she chooses to cover... Continue Reading →

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