Please stop insulting!
When will we stop using a female as a bullet proof jacket in order to hide our own judgmental mindset?
If she chooses to display her body, she must be indecent
If she chooses to cover up, she must be hiding something
If she is white, she must need a tan
If she is black, she must need skin whitening
If she is under or overweight, she must have an eating disorder
If she has a job, she must be bossy
If she is a homemaker, she must not be educated
If she is beaten, she must have deserved it
If she is raped, she must have encouraged it
If she is single, she must be desperate
If she is divorced, she must be intolerable
If she speaks up, she must be a feminist
If she chooses to remain silent, she must be oppressed
Please stop assuming!
When will we stop categorizing females and using it as an excuse to fuel our own hatred?

                                                                                                                              — Ruby Khan

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