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The Chronicles of NailTopia – Week 1

Pursue My Dreams - Week 1 Hello! All you wonderful humans, aliens, mortals and immortals out there! Thanks for stopping by. For sometime now...probably since I was a teenager...or maybe younger....I wanted to go to a Beauty School....where I would... Continue Reading →

Me…Myself… and I.

Love & Believe in THYSELF! Guess who's my superhero? How many times have you listened to these words: No. You can't do it. Not possible. I tell you today. Throw their advice into the trash and Belive and DO the opposite. ... Continue Reading →

Dear Monday…

I know today is Motivational Monday.... ....(sigh)...but I'm feeling like a floating jellyfish today....the image below says it all... Pushing past that.... On the bright side.... I want to THANK Noelle Granger for posting about me on her blog. N.A.... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

Everything lies in the eye of the beholder You's not necessary that we both agree For what you see...may be different than what I observe it to be You may like long hair that flows effortlessly...while I prefer short hair... Continue Reading →

Dear Selfie Taker…

Dear Selfie taker, If you think you're looking cute....please stop for a second...and look around. The face you're making.... scaring the toddler that stands a few feet away making the grandma from across you shake her walking cane forcing the guy... Continue Reading →


INDIGNITY Please stop insulting! When will we stop using a female as a bullet proof jacket in order to hide our own judgmental mindset? If she chooses to display her body, she must be indecent If she chooses to cover... Continue Reading →

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