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“Write with a passion…unlike everything else….it’ll only cost you…your imagination”




So very true. If you start incorporating Eckhart Tolle's quote into your daily routine, everything that life throws at you will become an easy catch.  

I Hate My Neighbors Job

Times were awfully hard. I had just now reunited with my job after a year long of desperation. Although it wasn't the job I had hoped for, it was helpful in paying some of my bills. As I cleaned the counter and... Continue Reading →

Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes I gaze at her and smile, wander reflects through her eyes as she blinks curiously,  she whimpers as I hold her close I chase after her, her eyes widen as she blinks cheerfully, she giggles as I... Continue Reading →


INDIGNITY Please stop insulting! When will we stop using a female as a bullet proof jacket in order to hide our own judgmental mindset? If she chooses to display her body, she must be indecent If she chooses to cover... Continue Reading →

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