Came across this interesting art piece at a shopping village in Toronto. It caught my attention immediately, so I captured it in my camera.

“Be with someone who ruins your lipstick…not your mascara”

O.K….Lovely Ladies – that’s why there’s WaterProof Mascara!

AND Temporary False Lashes

Speaking of fake eyelashes – I’ve tried a pair of fake lashes for the first time. Can you believe it?  Yes…No…Maybe…

Continue to read to find out my perspective on this whole fake lashes phenomena:

(The inventor of fake lashes…cha ching! What a mastermind. 

Definitely a beauty craze)

I was strolling through the aisles of Walgreens and happened to walk by a bunch of items that had been slashed by the brutal red marker.

My eyes quickly scanned the shelf that was loaded with unwanted items.

Let the truth be told – Yes my friends…clearance was what had caught my eyes.

I paused.

Picked up a pair of fakes that were waiting desperately to glide onto a pair of eyes.

I sighed and placed it back on the shelf.

Glanced back at it again.

Dared myself and picked it up again.

Quickly made it to the checkout line before I could change my mind.

When I reached home I placed it on my makeup vanity and glanced at it several times as I walked past it day and night.

Finally, couple of weeks later, I was invited to a party, and decided that it was time to take my dare to another level.

I was skeptical throughout the process though.  I imagined the lashes falling off in the middle of a conversation at the party. Yikes! I had to push myself to ignore the imaginary mishaps and continue nonetheless.

Cautiously, I read the directions, and then began the quest to mimic one of the disney characters (my all time favorite Belle) with long, lushes, and hypnotizing lashes.

Before and after photos


Overall experience wasn’t too bad. At first the lashes did feel a little heavy, but as the afternoon transformed into evening, my eyelids had gotten used to the weight.

I got tons of compliments that evening!

And luckily the lashes stayed intact, so I was saved from all the embarrassment my silly mind had imagined.

Personally I wouldn’t wear it at every party, but instead save it for special occasions.

**So thumbs up ladies….give it a try**