No… I don’t need to be rescued from a person….I’m capable of doing that myself. 🙂

I’m talking about the extremely dangerous Hurricane Matthew…that’s headed to Florida tonight.

**State of Emergency has been declared for Florida**

I removed everything from around my house that could become a flying object. Went to the local Walmart…Publix…Walgreens…and tried getting whatever was left over…since people are going haywire stocking up on practically everything the stores have to offer.

Luckily, I was able to get some water, batteries, canned goods…you know the essentials….hopefully it’ll be enough to last me through this tropical cyclone.

I didn’t go crazy like some people though and grab everything. For God’s sake people…leave something for others…you know the humankind that exists around you.

Evacuations have been ordered for some places and the highways are jam packed. I’m staying in my home and hopefully will wait it out. There could be a power outage…that’s the least of my worries…hopefully no one will get hurt.

Around 3pm I drove back home after picking up some ice from Home Depot, everywhere else had sold out. I noticed a cluster of birds heading -God only knows where.

***Florida residents –if you have any animals…Please bring them inside!!! *** 

Stay Safe…Stay Dry…Take Care

With a prayer in my heart for everyone….This too shall pass!

Update: it’s about 7pm

And really quite. Not the usual silence. The rain is slightly drizzling and not a bird in sight. 

Received an alert via text BREAKING: curfew starting at 10PM tonight. More on News 96.5 WDBO.

My intuition is telling me…the muted surroundings and the still weather is just an illusion before the havoc begins.

Fingers crossed folks….let’s hope my intuition is wrong this time.

8:30pm update

Rain and wind has picked up

9:30pm update

Received another text

STORMCENTER: Flood warning for Orange, Seminole, Lake and Volusia Counties. Live coverage now on News 96.5 WDBO

11:30pm update

So far steady rain and wind.

Trying to get some zzzz’s now. Perhaps I’ll sleep through the storm.

9 am update 

Made it through the night folks! 

Very windy right now. Rain not too bad.

Electricity still on….thank God!

11:50 am update 

Slight rain and low wind.

Looks like we got lucky. Yay! 

Text message news:

STORMCENTER: Hurricane Warning canceled for Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties. Tropical Storm Warning in effect. More News 96.5

I’m so thankful to God that we were not hit with the Hurricane.

Hopefully it will not turn back  around AND will not harm other States.

Praying for everyone else!