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“Write with a passion…unlike everything else….it’ll only cost you…your imagination”



Ruby and the Beanstalk

This is great! I'm climbing a beanstalk and stealing a goose that'll lay golden eggs for me the rest of my life. And then Reality hits! I'm standing in my kitchen (not a giant's glorified castle)...and cooking green beans. Since, neither you... Continue Reading →

Dear Selfie Taker…

Dear Selfie taker, If you think you're looking cute....please stop for a second...and look around. The face you're making.... scaring the toddler that stands a few feet away making the grandma from across you shake her walking cane forcing the guy... Continue Reading →

Save Me From Matthew!

No... I don't need to be rescued from a person....I'm capable of doing that myself. 🙂 I'm talking about the extremely dangerous Hurricane Matthew...that's headed to Florida tonight. **State of Emergency has been declared for Florida** I removed everything from around... Continue Reading →

Help…My Stomach’s Growling!

Hope this Blog finds you in the best of health and spirits. Help! My Stomach's Growling and I need Chicken Biryani! O.k. so I don't NEED it...but...It would help tremendously to calm the sounds that are playing throughout my abdomen system. Please follow... Continue Reading →

To BE – or – Not to BE

To be or not to be The question that is repeatedly asked throughout history To be or to be set free Who can answer this question better than you and me? If you are here...then you are meant to be...... Continue Reading →

A life not lived for the betterment of others... in my opinion ... a life wasted.

Fool’s Paradise

Fool's Paradise I was sure I had belonged somewhere,  with fairies and pirates and mermaids, but I had landed elsewhere Neverland wasn't far away, yet it seemed like it was a place where I could stay Had to take the... Continue Reading →


"A little madness is good.  For it will take you places a sane mind wouldn't ever dare think of exploring."                                        ... Continue Reading →


Hope this blog finds you in the best of health and spirits. Today, I write about a female I have seen on the streets for the past few years. In the past, I have contacted several homeless shelters and was told that... Continue Reading →

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