Hope this blog finds you in the best of health and spirits.

Today, I write about a female I have seen on the streets for the past few years.

In the past, I have contacted several homeless shelters and was told that either the occupancy was full OR that they could only make room if it was an emergency, such as a severe temperature drop.

I have also contacted a reporter at the local newspaper station and she advised me that she has received other emails about this woman and that she has alerted other agencies.  

Seems like the homeless lady is already on a waiting list or that she doesn’t want to be helped. Apparently, the shelters are also overcrowded. 

I appreciate the time the reporter took to answer my email, and loved a sentence she wrote: ” being compassionate seems like an endangered trait these days”.

She also suggested that I actually try to have a conversation with the homeless female. So far, acting upon her advice has given me no beneficial results, as the female chose to disclose limited information. 

 It disturbs me that season after season and holiday after holiday, this person is still roaming the streets. I drive by the area every morning, and find her seated under the shadows of a tree,  taking a sip of her drink, or eating chips with her aged hands. When I drive back from work as the sun sets, I see her pulling out a jacket from her shopping  cart  and  desperately trying to find warmth through the branches and leaves of that same tree.   

 Does this female really not want to be helped and has decided to make herself not approachable to the narcissistic society around her?

 Have we no compassion left for humanity? Sadly, I fear the answer.