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Help! My Stomach’s Growling and I need Chicken Biryani!

O.k. so I don’t NEED it…but…It would help tremendously to calm the sounds that are playing throughout my abdomen system.

Please follow the FOUR directions below if you are craving a mixed rice dish with lots of flavors that will tickle your tongue and satisfy your hunger and maybe…just maybe…give you the kick you need to explore international dishes. I receive tons of compliments whenever I make this yummy dish at parties.

So…moving along…I’m using chicken, rice, and tons of flavorful variables.

Here we go…let’s begin….

First and Foremost – Smile…breathe…you can do it!

Second – Wash your hands

Third – Follow the directions below to make a big tray (serving size : about 10-15)

Fourth – Thank me and leave me a comment-after all the hard work I need some appreciation 🙂

Ingredients:  (add whatever makes you happy and keeps you sane!)

  • 2 whole chickens – cleaned and cut up into small edible pieces
  • Herbs and Spices – Tbsp cumin seeds – Tbsp cardamom – few cinnamon sticks -turmeric – salt – pepper – red chilli pepper – green chilli pepper – coriander – mint – 3 tbsp ginger and garlic paste – 5 medium onions – 2 tbsp Fenugreek
  • Chicken Biryani packet of spices (doesn’t matter which brand – if you can’t find then just use without – it’ll still taste great- trust me)
  • Yogurt – 4 cups – 2 cups for chicken and 2 cups for yogurt cold sauce (chutney)
  • Basmati Rice – 8 cupsb47
  • Oil – 2 cups

Utensils: (Besides your hands)

Wooden spoon – Any pot (I used an aluminum pot) – aluminum tray – aluminum foil

Steps: (Dance and sing before you begin and continue to do so during the process)b8

  1. Clean and cut chicken into desired pieces and add following itemsb49
    1.    Tablespoon of Turmeric – Salt – Pepper – Red chilli pepper – Ginger&Garlic Paste
    2.    A handful of coriander and mint
    3. Half packet of Chicken Biryani Spices
  2. Mix well  and set aside for a few half an hour so all the ingredients get absorbedb11
  3. Set pot to medium flame on either gas or electric or wooden old cast iron stove or (if you’re in the wilderness -hot stones on a pit)
  4. Add about 2 cups oil – let it b12get hot – add green chilli peppers – add teaspoonful of cumin seeds, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, and cloves
  5. Add 3 onions – cut up into long slices or however
    you want
  6. Add 1 teaspoon of turmericb20
  7. Stir with the wooden spoon – continue to do so until the onion gets light brownish
  8. Add the chicken and stir slowly
  9. Stir and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes
  10. Put yogurt in blender and blend until smoothb57
  11. Add yogurt and soaked b43b24Fenugreek  into the chicken and let cook for 30 minutes (in the meantime prepare for the rice and fried onion)
  12. Fry 2 sliced onions in another
    pan and set aside (will use this near the end)
  13. Put water to boil in a huge pot – add pinch of cumin seeds and cloves -cinnamon sticks and bay leavesb54
  14. Take 8 cups of uncooked rice
  15. Clean 3x
    and then let soak until water comes to a boil (tip for cleaning – let water run at the corner of the bowl – so the rice doesn’t fall overboard)
  16. Once the water is boiling add the Rice and also 2 tablespoons of salt
  17. Exactly 7 minutes after (Do NOT…let me repeat…Do NOT get diverted by anything – not even Brad Pitt! – focus otherwise your rice will turn b39into porridge)
  18. After exactly 10 minutes – —NO!-–Pay attention —After Exactly 7 minutes DRAIN the rice b40
  19. Use a long mixing spoon (You’re not a superhero with long arms that can resist boiling water)
  20. Check on the chicken – it should be done by now – if not cook until chicken is tender – but not where it’s breaking into piecesb38
  21. No you don’t add Cheetos to this dish – I was eating them while cooking and moving to the beat “Sad Song” 
  22. In the meantime – Oven temperature should be set to 350 
  23. Soak some Saffron and a pinch of Yellow food color in a cup of MILK
  24. Coat the aluminum tray with half cup oilb35b34
  25. NOW- The layering process begins:33
    1. Add a layer of rice
    2. Add a layer of cooked chicken
    3. Add a layer of rice on top
    4. Add another layer of chicken and the curry on topb37
    5. b32Add the fried onion and a handful of cut up coriander
    6. Add the final layer of rice
    7. Add the saffron and yellow food color milk mix
    8. Add half a stick butter
  26. Cover with aluminum foil
  27. Bake for 45 minutes b7
  28. AYE – You’ve done it — Chicken Biryani made right in your kitchen by the Very Talented YOU!
  29. Be Careful – the tray of deliciously cooked food will be very hot —STIR AND ENJOYb5
  30. I will add another page soon explaining how to make the yogurt curry that goes well with this disb4h
  31. AND Last But not Least — please remember to leave a comment…share…press the like button…and follow me for more mouth watering delicious recipes 🙂b3