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This post isn’t about…how to shake a leg at a party…OR my leg or as a matter of fact any other body part.


Hold onto your seats….

This post will allow you access to my most famous and well liked  secret recipe for leg of lamb.
Guess it won’t be a secret anymore. 

And yes the pic above is of raw meat right out of the butchers shop.

FOLLOW the directions to create a magical tongue twister unforgettable LEG OF LAMB.

  1. Wash Your Hands
  2. Smile and listen to Sia’s Cheap Thrills if you want a ‘Kick’ start
  3. Follow directions below
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  • 1 Leg of Lamb (Goat or whatever…as long as it’s MEAT) AND NO NO NO…Absolutely NO Cat or Dog meat – I disapprove of that! So before I puke…let’s continue…
  • Half packet of Tandoori Spice Mix (You can use full packet – *Caution*– hit the bathroom first in the morning – incase your stomach doesn’t approve all the spices you devoured last night
  • 1 Tablespoon of Turmeric, meat tenderizer, salt, red chili pepper, ginger and garlic
  • two green chili peppers, half cup coriander, half cup mint
  • 1 can Tomato Paste
  • 1 Tomato
  • half cup oil

Let’s get started….Hit the (Dance) Kitchen Floor…

  1. Wash and clean the leg of lamb (unless you want all that mouth watering and waist enhancing fat)
  2. Make small pokes into the leg with a knife
  3. Add 1 table spoon of meat tenderizer and rub well into meat
  4. Add 1 table spoon turmeric and rub well into meat 
  5. Set aside for half hour
  6. In the meantime prepare the spice mixture to add
  7. Also turn on oven temperature to 325 (cooking the meat slow will make it juicy and well done from inside)
  8. In a blender add the Tandoori mixture/salt/ red chili pepper/ginger and garlic paste/chili peppers/coriander/mint/tomato Paste/tomato (Best part –wash and place in blender–no cutting necessary
  9. Now go ahead and add the mixture to the Leg of Lamb and rub and mix in well
  10. Use your hand or wear gloves. Mix well and then use the Meat Pounder

10.  Add Oil and cover with Aluminum foil before placing in Oven set to 325


ENJOY and do whatever you want for the next hour

11.  About an hour later — check on the leg of lamb — take a baster (also called Turkey Baster) and suck the juicy oil out from the bottom of the tray and pour onto the meat

12.  Place back into oven and cook for another 2-3 hours (re-cheking every hour and repeating step 11)

13.  3-4 hours later if the meat is still hard and the tray is drying up add a cup of water and reduce oven heat to 300

14.  The meat should be done by now – *Important* – Remove aluminum foil and turn oven temperature up to 400 and Let cook for *10 Minutes*

15.   In the meantime get the dish you will place the lamb leg on ready

I used a fish shaped serving dish- because that’s what I had! Period! No more explanations. I decorated it with Coriander and Lemon20161002_180414.jpg

16. Carefully (stop dancing if you haven’t done so already) Place the Leg of Lamb onto the dish and use the Baster to scoop up the mouth watering sauce from the hot tray and place over the Juicy, well done, spice-ful leg of lamb the very *Talented You* just made!


17. ENJOY! Don’t forget to Like…Comment…and Follow me. 🙂


If you have a dog— surely it’ll enjoy the bone–just make sure to add lots of water–otherwise it’s gonna be long walk in the morning with your doggy!