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“Write with a passion…unlike everything else….it’ll only cost you…your imagination”


Express Yourself

Beware…if you are New

THANK YOU! Lovely mortals...aliens...species...smurfs...and comic characters that have helped my blog reach 200 followers. I promise to post more captivating, non compos mentis, comical,  ludicrous, tear-jerker posts. 🙂 If you're already hypnotized into my world...I'd really appreciate if you could please... Continue Reading →

To BE – or – Not to BE

To be or not to be The question that is repeatedly asked throughout history To be or to be set free Who can answer this question better than you and me? If you are here...then you are meant to be...... Continue Reading →


"A little madness is good.  For it will take you places a sane mind wouldn't ever dare think of exploring."                                        ... Continue Reading →

Point of View

It's all about the point of view from where you and I stand

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