Pursue My Dreams – Week 1

Hello! All you wonderful humans, aliens, mortals and immortals out there!

Thanks for stopping by.

For sometime now…probably since I was a teenager…or maybe younger….I wanted to go to a Beauty School….where I would learn anything and everything for Outer Beautification.

(Point to be noted: Outer Beauty….if one needs help with their inner beauty…get Therapy.)

Since life came with its trials and tribulations…I didn’t get a chance to pursue my dreams….But you know what they say…every dog has his day….so yes my friends….This KITTY finally got her day!

Putting aside everything else Life wanted to challenge me with…I took the step and joined a Beauty School. ***Breathe***

I’m not a big fan of Hair…well at-least not yet….therefore I did not join the Cosmetology program….and instead focused on the FULL Specialist program…which entails Skin and Nails. 

So here goes…..

The first week has been quite interesting at the Cosmetology School. 

Talk about DRAMA! I mean Intense DRAMA. This was my FIRST DAY:

The curtains lift up and the drama begins!

9: 00 Class begins. Teacher asks students to introduce themselves. No response for 5 seconds. Teacher gives them a stare-down. *Awkward*

One student, who looked like a star from the 70’s show, starts with her name and then speaks on behalf of everyone else. 

While she called out everyone with a name that was given to them at birth–I labeled them in my mind with a new name:

Teacher – so pretty, looks like Katy Perry, so I labeled her Ms. Perry

Ms. Fashion – super loud, looks like a hipster with big heart-shaped glasses

Ms. Momma – older lady, very helpful

Ms. Brat – teenager, eye roll

Ms. Pregnant – ready to pop soon, super sensitive, poor girl, don’t know how’s she handling the smell here

Ms. Twilight – chill, and knows it all, her eyes remind me of Jacob from Twilight.

Ms. Snitch – Teachers Pet. Literally snitching on everyone, but helpful to me…so far

Ms. Mysterious – observer, talks only when question asked 

Ms. Babyface – teenager, surprisingly quite and simple,  looks like a Pokémon 

Ms. High – another teenager, giggling every few minutes – yeah totally high on something, LA LA land 

Ms. Bones  – very informative, and skinny as a bone

Ms. Snob – introduced as Queen Elizabeth, quiet, hardly smiles, a bit snobby

And the day continues:

10:00 Break time. Chit chat with a few girls. Peek into the Cosmetology class, where interesting hair colors where being applied on clients. Mannequin heads everywhere (Talk about Creepy)

10:15  Break Times Over. Ms. Snitch informs teacher via text. Teacher asks why Ms. High was late. She complains and sits down. Teacher scolds her and tells to start working on her nails. 

11:00  Clients start pouring in. Teacher asks who’s free. No one replies. So she gets up and places the work order in front of Ms. Brat and Ms. Babyface. Both  get up and start with client Manicures.

12:00  Lunch Break. Girls talk about food, inform about teacher, and bit** about school rules. 

1:00 Ms. Pregnant eats a cookie and whispers to Ms. High, who giggles. Teacher stares at them both and says “NO Food and stop talking”.

1:15 Giggling continues. Ms. High half smiles and looks dazed. Ms. Pregnant mumbles.

1:30 Ms. Snitch eyes the Teacher and smirks. I was certain they had a secret code. 

1:45 Teacher walks over and asks them both to leave. Ms. Pregnant puts her cookies away and starts arguing why she has to go away for a fuc**** cookie?

Ms. Mysterious quickly hides her phone before she gets caught. Teacher leaves to the front office. Girls start bitc****. Clients stare at each other and try to act like they didn’t hear anything.

ME: ignored my surrounding and focused on my reading assignment. Latin words Learnt: Manus and Cura — combined to create manicure – meaning the care of hands and nails.

2:00 Front Admin come and remove Ms. Pregnant and Ms. High. Talk about attitude. These girls act like the they are doing a favor on the teacher for being there. 

2:15  Ms. Pregnant’s Momma shows up and ask why her daughter is crying in the car. I thought she would hit someone…that’s how mad she looked. Teacher asks her to go to front office.

2:30  Girls look at each other and shake their head. Ms. Twilight states she cant deal with this drama and secretly messages on her phone. 

3:00  Ms. Fashion still super happy that it’s her last day. Ms. Snob rolls her eyes. Ms. Mommy states these girls need to follow rules. Everyone get up and clean. 

Time to leave. *Phew!*  The curtains come down– drama has ended !

The next day the school Administrator shows up and gives everyone a lecture about rules and that they will be kicked out if anyone disrespected the teacher. That day went smooth! No one hardly talked. 

 In the midst of the drama I did learn how to do my first Basic Manicure. The picture above is me practicing nail art on a fake finger (Again–Creepy).

At the end of the week, I took a Chapter Test and completed 3 Basic manicures on other students and the Teacher. 

The real test will begin when I get my first Nail Client next week. ***Breathe***

What  an interesting week!