Congratulations fellow Americans who voted for Mr. Trump!

You have once again shown the world that:

Martin Luther King’s efforts have become a Dream yet once again.

The Civil Rights movement has gone in vain. 

Malala’s fight for education has become questionable due to her attire.

Growing up in America since the age of five, I have never felt so unsafe and disgusted, as I do today.

I will not feel defeated. I will not apologize. I will however as an American Muslim, continue to fight for justice for all !

God Help Us. God Help America. God Help the World.

Donald Trump is the president. It’s time to accept that and hope for the best, hope he will unite the country.
Protesters, I understand your pain.

However, creating Havoc is no way to get your point across.

Save your energy and Please go home.

Come out when any of the following happens:
Someone is treated unfairly due to their color.
Someone is threatened due to their sexual preference.
Someone is yelled at due to their choice of clothing.

God Help Us. God Help America. God Help the World.

Pushing past the politics….

Guess Donald Trump is showing up practically everywhere….

My friend’s daughter wrote this on her birthday card:


What an Election!!!